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Everything is a file search engine for Windows, with expressions and wildcards
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Everything is a file search engine for Windows. Perhaps, the main difference between Everything and the default Windows search engine is that Everything does a good job of using boolean operators and Windows, well, does not.

Just like the newer versions of the Windows search function, Everything indexes the files on your computer the first time you run it, so finding a file should be really instantaneous. Everything allows you to use wildcards, but it doesn't limit their use to the extensions. You can use the "*" anywhere in a search pattern and you will get results if there is anything to be found. You can also specify with commands the path where you want to search for a file, and what kind of file you want to search for. Most commands are carried out in text, unlike Windows search, where you can just check options and specify dates and folders from a drop-down menu. This is not a disadvantage, but it will be hard for novice users to think that way at first.

On the downside, Everything does not read content inside files and it does not support network drives. In other words, Everything will not be able to read your DOC files, for example. The graphical user interface is really plain. Not many options are available in the main window.

José Fernández
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  • Simple and plain
  • Quick indexing
  • Lots of configuration options


  • Not many options in the main screen
  • Lack of support for network drives
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