Everything 1.4

Locates files and folders on the user's computer

A replacement for the Windows default file-searching engine with an increased speed. The tool locates files and folders based on their name, indexes the items on your PC and updates the list in real time. It also includes the capability to share the found files via FTP.

Everything is a light desktop search utility that produces instant results. This tool belongs to the group intended to overcome the limitations of the default Windows search function. Unfortunately, though its interface is rather neat and easy to use, it isn´t very attractive. The program works by indexing the files and folders on your local hard disks and, fortunately, unlike other similar products, it does it very quickly and without creating a large database or affecting system performance.

The tool uses various search modes, of which the simplest is to type parts of the file or folder name. Besides, you can also use commands, such as “file:”, “path:”, to narrow search results. However, if you find memorizing these commands too bothersome, you can also open the advanced search window. In addition, there are various types of filters, mainly by file types. It’s good to know that it’s possible to create bookmarks for those search patterns that are likely to be used more than once. The resulting file list, in turn, can be visualized in various modes. In addition, it can be exported using the program´s native format (EFU) as well as CSV and TXT.

In general, Everything has the advantage of being very small and using very few system resources. Besides, it can show results with lightning speed. However, I regret to say that it has the disadvantage of not supporting full-text search or indexing email messages. If you don´t mind these two last observations, the tool could be just for you.

Pedro Castro
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Review summary


  • It produces quick results
  • It allows creating bookmarks
  • It lets you use commands
  • It can export result lists
  • It creates a small database
  • It uses very few system resources


  • It doesn´t support full-text search
  • It can’t search for email messages
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