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Search engine that helps you to locate files and folders by name instantly
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Brian Crisp

Brian Crisp It's a fabulous piece of software, so thorough, accurate, and fast. Works on any PC and can save so much time and frustration over trying to use other methods.

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Ellen Help me find files that were misfile on the network! Effective!

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Guest # XXX

Guest # XXX Very fast and comprehensive!
I am using it on all my computers and recommend it to all my friends.

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φ It is just so fast!

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Guest #35848421

Guest #35848421 Very easy to use, and flawless in finding the file.

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Guest #30092931

Guest #30092931 Rely on this program everyday. Install it on all my computers.

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joe35lok Simply, I couldn't live without Everything! I wonder why this software it's not very famous.

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Guest I believe its name doesn't tell much about its super power. I should be named "Search everything" or "Simply Fast Search Everything" or something about searching. I could never know what it does if I didn't read a blog talking about the software that can replace the discontinued Google Desktop.

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Guest This program is the most useful software in my computer, I use it every day to search everything in my computer. There are a lot of things we don't remember where we stored but just remember some words or some characters of the file name, it shows up quickly the search results within fraction of seconds and does not take a lot of time searching around like Windows Search and other search engine software. Everything doesn't search for the content of the files, just file names & folder names. So, it doesn't take a lot of system resources to scan and store the index of every file contents. I rarely search for the file contents so it doesn't bother me and I like that way it is because it doesn't show up too many unrelated results due to your searching words matched to those found inside of the unwanted files.

Everything is small, fast and very simple to use. There is a new beta version that I use for many months already and it's stable, never crashed on my everyday use. I just want to share with you guys how much this software is useful it is. It's a freeware and it's worth to buy if it's not. You can make a donation like I did if you see this software is helpful to you. I feel bad it's not been known by too many people, I hope it will become more popular, the more people use and donate, I believe it encourages the author take more their time to keep alive the update and bring up more features. I'm glad to take some time to present it to everyone as another part of my contribution for this wonderful software.

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Guest The developer's site is down at the moment. Hopefully, it's temporary.

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Wormsworth Pros:
Quick, neat, easy, super fast, necessary! smile
No filter for search - either a 'NOT' or -word
I don't know if REGEXP has negative filters
searchword -jpg -bin
searchword OR sample2 AND (NOT jpg OR bin)
'Almost' everything needs to get the FAT back in, then it will be EVERYTHING!
In this case the FAT is GOOD smile
Please include FAT32 and it's relations. Please!
Why include servers? This program is too powerful to be online. smile
I've been wrong before smile
I would like to see the standard toolbar (XP style) and maybe indications (button) of the options specified.

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Peter Grashoff

Peter Grashoff This is a utility I can´t live without. When you have a lot of files you can spend a lot of time trying to find something. Windows already has its own search functionality, but it's rather limited and uses quite a lot of resources, especially on slower machines. Everything is very fast, it scans your drive in only a few seconds. You can configure which drives to scan and which to ignore, useful for slow USB2 disks you have attached and don´t want to be monitored.
Example for its usage is if you want to open a certain file in e.g. Word, when in the file open dialog, press the Everything hotkey (I always modify it to ctrl-alt-f), type in a part of the filename or just do *.doc and locate your file. You can sort on date, which can be very helpful because often you have some idea when you used the document last. You can then copy the path and paste it to you file open dialog, or just double click.
Disadvantage is that there doesn´t seem to be a lot of active development on Everything, the last version is already a few years old. Before the Windows 7 era I used a similar program, Filetracer, which also was not developed actively, it seem that the mass is not really in for this kind of tools. Luckily, it still seems to work in Windows 8. Windows 8 also has a strong search capability by default, but when it comes to indexing file names Everything is still superior. E.g, when I search for *.txt in my Windows 8 test machine it finds 342 files. Everything finds 1700 objects.

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Guest Best!

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Natasha N Doc

Natasha N Doc Appreciate your comments on the Fishing Assistant! We like it too smile.
Happy fishing!

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Guest #4409569

Guest #4409569 Small, elegant, indispensable, very close to perfect.

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Guest Very easy and very fast

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rick_ross cool

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